Trust is Everything

THE TRUST COMPANY recognizes and honors the responsibilities bestowed upon it by families, businesses, Taft-Hartley arrangements and non-profit organizations. We actively manage investment portfolios and serve client needs, shouldering the fiduciary responsibility inherent to and protected by our role as corporate trustee.

THE TRUST COMPANY is reinstating the tenets under which old-line financial institutions once conducted business: recognize community relationships, understand the local environment and provide an unwavering commitment to clients.

Wall Street Investment Performance from a local address

THE TRUST COMPANY meticulously developed signature investment strategies to add value to portfolios.


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We manage your financial and personal family affairs in a manner that honors its kinship and supports your needs.


THE TRUST COMPANY couples on-line technology with an insistent demand for sound investment options. 

THE TRUST COMPANY serves as trustee of revocable and irrevocable trusts as well as IRAs. Often, even before accepting a trustee appointment, we act as investment manager through an agency relationship. When we do, you experience the peace of mind that is created when your affairs are conducted in a manner that is consistent with your objectives.

Through personal involvement, THE TRUST COMPANY works to understand your needs to ensure that our investment strategies and administrative management live up to your expectations. We are the local purveyor of investment and trust services and we are committed to establishing meaningful, long-term client relationships.


We actively manage investment portfolios and shoulder the fiduciary responsibility as corporate trustee to businesses, Taft-Hartley arrangements and non-profit organizations.

In the retirement plan arena, THE TRUST COMPANY has institutionalized its investment process to meet the needs of employees, irrespective of their stations in life.   A focused complement of actively managed and fully diversified market and lifestyle investment choices simplify what is often overwhelming and complex. Participants can access their individual account electronically through a Schwab recordkeeping platform that allows a gateway to information and provides the opportunity to perform simulation modeling to assist employees with retirement planning needs. 

Or, they can meet personally with us.