Our History

On December 4, 1990, our founding directors, Duane Stranahan, Jr., H. David White, Sr. and Maynard Sauder incorporated a national trust bank and made a vow to the community.  They promised to reinstate the tenets under which old-line financial institutions once conducted business: recognize community relationships, understand the local environment and provide an unwavering commitment to clients.  This promise is the cornerstone upon which we were built and guides us to this day. 

Today, the company remains independent and privately held.  Founding families continue as owners and clients.  Every client shares in an atmosphere of integrity, honest and trust that is sadly lacking elsewhere.

We believe that so long as our mission endures, the wealth of our clients will grow along with it.  That’s why our clients rarely leave, and why many have been with us from the beginning.  It’s not old-fashioned thinking.  Just old-fashioned values.